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MLB Design Face Masks Online Store - New York Mets
The second re-scheduling development arrived in the form of MLB's apparent plan to start its season — and continue there for who knows how long — in Arizona next month with every team playing games in spectator-free ballparks, most of them minor-league ones. The teams would be kept in a sort of quarantine at hotels. This plan, ESPN's Jeff Passan reported, "has the support of high-ranking federal public health officials who believe the league can safely operate amid the coronavirus pandemic."

There are some services that merit being resumed ASAP. Sports do not. I’d love to be able to go cover a game right now; I’d also love to be able to go to the grocery without a face mask. My intent isn’t to get gloomier with every daily missive, and I understand how much ballgames mean to us. (For the umpteenth time: I’m a sportswriter.) But with the Masters and especially with MLB, the zeal to restart may be overriding the need to restart.New York Mets

Lee: The fact that the entire baseball world congregates in a hotel lobby and you have an opportunity to catch up with sources and friends from around the industry whom you see only a handful of times a year, often at the big baseball events like the All-Star Game or the World Series. It's a great annual reminder that the world is a lot smaller than it can sometimes seem.
Mlb Masks For Sale

Passan: At the 2015 meetings, my colleague at the time, Tim Brown, got a tip: Cincinnati closer Aroldis Chapman, who was on the verge of being traded by the Reds, had gotten into trouble off the field. He didn't have any firm details.Kansas City Royals

We all want to see sports again. What we want, however, doesn’t necessarily dovetail with the greater human need. We need to make ourselves as secure as is possible in as dangerous a time as our nation has seen in a century. We still haven’t fully comprehended how COVID-19 works, and we haven’t yet arrived at anything approaching a cure.
Most of us are sheltering in place. Almost every aspect of sports has been shut down. And yet, in the span of 24 hours, we were handed two reminders of how stubborn the people who run sports can be.Boston Red Sox

The phone rang. But it wasn’t Cooperstown on the other end. It was his son, Richard. Allen had once again fallen short, this time by a heartbreakingly close margin: He needed 12 votes from the 16-person committee. He received 11.

But think about it in the same way you think about putting on your seat belt—a minor inconvenience that can save lives. I’m careful to wear a mask outside my home every time I’m out and about. But, ultimately, saving lives and livelihoods as we head into these winter months will require a collective effort from all of us.Los Angeles Dodgers

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